How to cheat Lotteries

Is it possible to cheat the lottery to win big prizes and get rich? This is the question that has been asked since the launch of the first lottery in China when the keno slip from the Chinese Han Dynasty was sold between 205 and 187 BC.

Since the early days in China when the lottery was used to help fund development projects such as the Great Wall of China, lotteries have been growing rapidly used in Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia and dozens of other countries. It was even used to help fund a revolutionary war against Britain in the newly formed United States.

In all days from now and then there are people who have tried to find a system to defeat the lottery without having to depend on luck. There are even people who claim that they have succeeded. If you look at some stories from past winners, especially recent ones, you might start wondering if there is anything behind it. So, is cheating the lottery possible?

The truth is that there is absolutely no way to cheat the lottery … sorry! However, there are people who claim that they have tricks to win the lottery based on mathematical methods.


According to some intelligence technology individuals, lotteries themselves are not pure luck games, but are actually games based on probability. This notification may not seem like changing lives at first, but considering some considerations implakation is truly astonishing. Why is that? Because probability is not based on luck at all.

Probability is based on statistical results, not luck, and because it is based on mathematics, it can be predicted. If you let the above statement sink into your brain for a moment, then you will definitely be very excited later. Reread for yourself and try to really understand what that means. Understanding that can change your life!

• Are some past winners using the probability to beat the lottery?

When lottery winners make millions of dollars from the lottery, no one doesn’t see it. After all, that’s what all the real lottery means – winning millions of dollars and changing your life instantly. But when it comes to winners, like Joan Ginther, who won millions not only in one draw, but from several draw draws, most people begin to realize that something more than luck is involved.

I know that this article’s post is full of questions, but let me ask you one more time. Do you think that it was an incident that Joan Ginther became a millionaire from several lottery wins and that she was a professor of mathematical statistics at Stanford University?

So, we know that it is very impossible to cheat the lottery. But we also know that lotteries are based on probabilities, not luck, and probabilities that can be manipulated. It is also a smart guess to assume that people like Joan Ginther and Richard Lustig use more than just luck to win several times on lotteries.

• How can I win the lottery?

Well, so we know that there were past lottery winners who claimed to have used special techniques to defeat the lottery without cheating. Using a method that is completely legal, there are people like Richard Lustig, who have won 7 lottery prizes from a method he did not consider gambling. How does this information affect you?

• Tips for winning the lottery

Although there are ways to play lotteries based on probability, not all lotteries are created in the same way. For example, there is a “scratch” tactic that is completely different from the tactics used for ordinary lottery drawings.

The technique used for standard lottery draws is completely different. Read Sid’s story, “how I won the lottery”, where he claimed that he found a system that could defeat every lottery purely based on mathematical formulas.

• Win the lottery in an easy way

The key to winning money on lotteries is not in targeting the biggest hongkong pools prize. If we can learn something from people who claim to use the system, it is that they don’t target jackpot prizes. They target medium and small prizes and they target them consistently.

Joan Ginther and Richard Lustig did not win a million dollars in 1 prize, but both were multi-millionaires. They won several prizes and built their luck through several victories. This is how you have to play. Stop thinking in terms of 1 big victory and start thinking about some smaller wins.

• The secret to winning the lottery

The secret to the lottery win is to stop searching for “big lottery wins”, but instead, search for “smaller lottery wins.” Real tips for winning the lottery are based on several sound mathematical principles.

If we can learn everything from several lottery winners, then you have to put this word into your mind: Stop relying on luck and start using math and if you can’t do that, then you have to stop playing!

So, even though the title in this article is How to Deceive Lotteries, but basically, there isn’t one method that can be used to cheat game opportunities like the lottery, it is suggested that you better learn how to play lottery and how to play it instead of learning how to cheat clearly only zero results.

And if you are really interested in trying your adrenaline in this type of game, then I suggest you to understand all the above explanations first, if you don’t want to experience silly failures that cause your money to run out in vain!